About Us

Founded in 2012, Wayne’s Road Hockey Warriors (WRHW) is a registered Ontario Not-For-Profit Corporation with a ball hockey tournament designed to provide opportunities for youth in the Scarborough, Ontario community to learn and play hockey alongside NHL role models. Inspired by Wayne Simmonds’ past, and the success he has seen from the opportunities he was provided to play hockey as a young Scarborough native, Simmonds recognized the positive impact hockey can have on Scarborough’s youth and decided it was his turn to make a difference.

The WRHW Hockey Tournament has allowed youth aged 8-12 to play an expensive sport they may not have the opportunity to play. As hockey enrolment in the GTA continues to decrease due to costs, many talented players are left without the opportunity to pursue their goals and dreams as Simmonds did.

Our mission is to provide underprivileged youth, particularly in Scarborough, with the opportunity to learn and play hockey.

Our vision is to inspire youth to set goals and to fuel their belief that they can achieve them. Through fundraising, sponsorship and community engagement we will strive to provide an educational, fun and interactive experience with all participants.

This year will mark the 6th Annual Wayne’s Road Hockey Warriors Tournament held in Scarborough, Ontario. We look forward to hosting more families and community members to a day of skill building, hockey and an unforgettable experience!

For more information, please contact: waynesroadhockeywarriors@gmail.com.